Both of them sing-in Season regarding Like, in which Puck gets a solo

Jake was conceived whenever their father got an affair which have Tanisha Puckerman. For this reason, it was raised with no knowledge of each and every other’s existence. You to changed when Jake relocated to William McKinley High school within the 2012. They rating lead because of the Will Schuester, which dreams you to Puck tend to talk sense into his younger half of-sis. Since that time, Jake appear to turns to Puck to have recommendations, and in addition they often take on some thing along.


Once they very first satisfy, Puck tells Jake that he recalls his parents arguing once the a good waiter was pregnant out of his father. This guy are Jake.

Whenever Jake very first auditions toward happiness-pub, the guy attempts to remain his surname a key because he will not wish to be introduced experience of Puck. not, just after looking at Jake’s college student statement, Tend to learns that they are related. Then he calls Jake co to jest growlr towards the his office so you can confront your on it. Jake believes that is provided enabling him towards the The Tips due to your being Noah’s sister, but Have a tendency to rejects it and you will says he desires the newest delight-pub to do an identical advisable that you your because performed so you can their half of-cousin. But Jake declines, stating that he’s not his sis and you can doesn’t want to reduce their prominence to be within the happiness-club. (Brand new Rachel)

Immediately following Jake beats upwards a couple jocks getting insulting Mrs. Rose, Often takes him on the choir space so you can introduce your to help you Puck to your first time. Jake serves repellant to start with just like the he thinks that Noah features come to “straighten your out,” but is able to see using him. The guy highlights that Jake just acts one “badass” because of his fear of not-being “essential, or smart, or worthy of some thing” just to show something you should their father who, however, will never worry about your, identical to Puck himself performed. He says to Jake that Mr. Schuester and also the Delight Club was indeed those making him men and that they will make Jake men too in the event the he meets. Puck next estimates goodbye to go back in order to La, however in advance of reminding Jake that they’re brothers. (Britney dos.0)

As the Jake sees Marley talking to Ryder, the guy phone calls Puck having advice on his disease which have Marley, with his new friendship with Ryder and exactly how it could apply at one thing in the event that the guy happens just after their. Puck says to your to tackle they cool, and you can gamble nice since they have the Puckerman testosterone. Then advises him to not ever stop. (Vibrant Duets)

Finn pairs Puck and you can Jake along with her for a training class. Regarding the rehearsals, Puck insults Jake’s moving, saying even he may do better. Later, it speak about lady, and start to talk that have Quinn. Quinn actually starts to face Jake, however, Puck defends him. (Thanksgiving)

He’s a coffees in the “Lima Bean,” in which Jake tells him that he is being unsure of whether or not the guy is to date Marley or Kitty. His thoughts to possess Marley, whom won’t assist him to the 2nd base, argument together with his sexual desire, and this Kitty ofters your in order to staunch. Puck, having heard the entire story, informs him you to definitely in his views romance is much more crucial than just intercourse and that he should select a romance with Marley more than their crave. Jake is simply sure because of the you to definitely, it is concerned because of Cat, just who the guy second thoughts will accept a great “no” so you’re able to the girl ofter. Puck upcoming promises to “take care of Cat” and you can requires the girl towards Sadie Hawkins moving. (Sadie Hawkins)

Jake-Puck Relationship

Afterwards, Jake seems sad while you are Puck does No surrender at the front of The brand new Tips, Tend to, Mercedes, and Mike, and he hugs Puck along with the anyone else at the bottom of track. (The new Quarterback)