How long will it take for me to get my date?

A popular stop for singles and couples looking for some adult-oriented fun, this is one of the most casual dating sites out there. In business since 2006, this fun dating portal boasts an international user pool with most visitors originating from the USA, Canada, and the UK. Its greatest strength is the surprisingly stimulating, full-featured online dating experience. There are no pretentions when it comes to this service. From explicit profile pictures to live cams, the site proudly focuses on casual fun and affair. Straight and otherwise members can chat with thousands of like-minded individuals, exchange flirty messages and meet up for in-person or cyber fun encounters.

We registered and tested this adult dating portal over several weeks to discover its strengths and weaknesses. Not only we had our fair share of fun but can also say it’s a legit service. Here’s everything you should know about it.

  • Over 18 million users from the USA
  • About 700,000 weekly active members
  • Roughly men-women ratio
  • Modern, social-media like profile formal
  • Free search options and multiple search filters
  • Affordable trial subscriptions

Signing up is as straightforward as it gets. The process takes about 5 minutes if you decide to fill in your profile or under a minute if you skip this initial step. Although completing a profile can be boring, we highly recommend you to do so. Uploading a profile picture and providing basic information about you and the type of adventures you’re after can exponentially increase the chances of finding the perfect match quickly and easily.

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Browsing through profiles is also easy thanks to the numerous search options and filters. You can look for singles or couples interested in experimenting or that could be potentially open to longer-term relationships based on your goals. A thing that misses is a matching feature, but the truth is that most users choose this service exactly for its “self-service” design that lets you browse through profiles freely. Once you’ve chosen your search criteria and paid for a premium membership, you can expect to find at least a webcam adventure shortly after you’ve signed up.

What is the success rate at this service?

There is no fun paying for a premium membership on a casual dating site nobody uses. Right after signing up, we were literally bombarded with dozens of messages from gorgeous ladies. The thing looked sketchy, so to test the success rate of the site we started with a 7-day trial and two different messages we decided to send to 100 women. We sent each message to 50 randomly chosen ladies. Some didn’t respond at all while others simply dismissed us, but we also had quite a lot of positive answers – the proof this is a highly active casual dating community.

The results speak for themselves. This service has an active community of singles with highly motivated members. We received many answers in a short time and were even contacted by some couples, meaning that those looking to spice up a long-term relationship or marriage can easily find a threesome adventure. Surprisingly, showing direct interest in either virtual or in-person fun generated more responses than the softer “standard” online dating line.

Our tip is to add as many details as possible to your profile and be clear about your intentions right from the start. Users are here to have fun, not to find the love of their life. So, avoid cheesy pick-up lines and be straightforward – yet not pushy or offensive – about what you want.