Issei has continued to develop many relationship about collection, one another when you look at the Occult Look Bar additionally the  About three Factions

Rias Gremory [ ]

She is the lady whom reincarnated Issei which can be new love away from their lives. Whenever she very first summoned him, she addressed him given that a good “special” instance, comprehending that he had numerous possible. But not, given that day went on, she located his mellow front and you will arrive at fall-in love having your. She and Issei each other common its first kiss collectively after the latter’s duel that have Raiser. She have a tendency to gets jealous when other female flirt that have or tempt him. She wants him greatly which is ready to do just about anything with him. In reaction, Issei can do anything to include their, as he loves her whenever she wants your. One time, she also attempted to have sex with your to leave off a decideded upon matrimony. To increase you to definitely, Issei always wakes with their asleep close to him naked. Thus, she states one to this lady has no problem having allowing Issei select the girl naked and also allows him contact their chest from date to help you go out, which she always claims she has nothing wrong that have.

In  Sairaorg berates the lady for), however, she attained a lot of guarantee whenever she discover you to their soul had been live compliment of their  Evil Bits . In addition appears that whenever Issei notices the woman breasts or meets her or him, he gains a tremendous amount away from strength, which aided him go  Trident, and also rejuvenated their exhausted power and effort. That it, however, enjoys triggered this lady putting on derogatory nicknames including the “Key Princess” (Bikou) together with “Dark red Tits Princess” (Azazel). She actually is first in Issei’s harem. At the end of Frequency 10, Rias and you can Issei wind up as a few.

Subnote: Issei has been doing love with Rias for for as long given that she’s got experienced love that have him, however, he could maybe not tell the woman his thoughts due to the upheaval he experienced Raynare, the latest Fallen Angel, away from killing your and because he denied the girl plea getting compassion just as Rias slain the girl.

Asia Argento [ ]

China satisfied Issei when you look at the Vol. step 1 and he try lecherous of course, going as far as calling the woman good “blonde-haired bishojo”. It meet one another once more through the a purpose where the guy battled  Demon , which in turn leads to her shedding crazy about your. 

Following event, Issei started to believe that he should protect China, effect he couldn’t need certainly to undergo various other event from losing her once more. The guy will has actually lecherous viewpoint about the woman, but the guy attempts to block this type of view, convinced that he have to include the woman regarding someone, together with themselves, and attempts to make themselves consider the woman once the a tiny aunt, later on, its dating improves and you will in lieu of seeing the lady once the his absolutely nothing brother, Ise begins watching this lady since the one girl and you will a woman, this occurred because both of them kissed each other at the end of Frequency six on light novels. She will will get teary-eyed whenever other lady flirt that have him. Whenever Issei died, she, also the anybody else, shed its tend to to combat, however, regained vow once hearing one his spirit was still real time.

Akeno Himejima [ ]

Whenever Akeno earliest satisfied Issei, she concept of your as the a great kouhai you to definitely she you may harm and flirt having, but once the date evolved, she come to see that Issei is actually very protective and you can already been to fall in love with your. She truly fell deeply in love with your inside the Vol. 7 after the guy assisted their launch this lady Holy Lightning ability and resigned the woman connection with the woman father. She loves your a great deal and you will isn’t frightened to locate towards matches more than him for the most other female due to the fact she does score envious, no matter if she is alot more calm about this than Rias and other people. She is good towards belief you to she’s third for the his harem just after Rias and Asia, since she wants the thought of an event. Issei do care a great deal regarding the woman, which can be willing to put his lifestyle at stake to own her. He even offers lecherous thoughts on the this lady almost doing Rias. She was heartbroken and you can cried severely with her dad whenever she heard you to Issei died, and you will is actually severely disheartened by the news. She found out after that Issei’s spirit are live and her electricity is actually updated by the Azazel’s bracelet, offering their accessibility the woman Fallen Angel mode where this lady Holy-efforts substantially raise.