On the surface OkCupid’s “Discover” works similar to other dating apps matching system

OkCupid profiles with their essay and topics feature are also more detailed than your average dating app making it easier to determine if you have more in common with the person

  • Bookmarks
  • On the website found under your profile menu. For the app, Bookmarks is found in the Discover tab (under see all)
  • Allows you to bookmark a profile that you like but have yet to message or like
  • Once you have liked or messaged the member, the bookmark to their profile will be removed

Searching and Matching

OkCupid offers the ability to aplicaciones de citas para adultos sd be matched automatically based on match preferences and more detailed questions designed to help determine your ideal match. You cannot really search in the traditional sense but just view different stacks (categories) of cards in Discover.

When you select a Stack, you are shown one profile at a time which you can Like or Pass on. What makes OkCupid Discover different is the quality of the matches thanks in large part to the Match Percentage algorithm. The profiles highlight the individuality of the member helping you better connect with them. Photos are shown along with personality information and your match score.

If you like the member OkCupid will make sure and show them your profile as often as possible until they either like or pass on you. If a mutual like happens they will appear in the Messages section of OkCupid. If you pass on someone they will not appear in your Discover results for a long while. Liking someone leads to a better chance of getting a conversation started and mutual Likes are required to send a message as a free user. You can also send a SuperLike once a week which includes a intro message to anyone on OkCupid who has not blocked you.

In Discover your matches are sorted into 9 different Stacks (which are like categories). The ones available to free users include:

OkCupid profiles with their essay and topics feature are also more detailed than your average dating app making it easier to determine if you have more in common with the person

  • Recommended – OkCupid’s top recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Match %
  • Passport – Connect with people all over the world
  • Climate Change – Climate activists
  • Online – People recently online are most likely to respond

Popular and New People members show up in other Stacks but if you want to see them all in one place you need to purchase this feature separately.

OkCupid Basic and Premium members have the option to filter all the profiles in Discover by specifying Dealbreakers. These are match preferences and filters for your stacks. They filters are organized by groups like Basics and Looks, and include attributes like Gender, Orientation, Age, Distance, Body Type, Height, etc. Please note that if someone doesn’t fill out the sections that you’ve included as Dealbreakers, you’ll still see their profiles. OkCupid doesn’t remove users who’ve opted not to share certain parts of their life.

OkCupid only shows you a Stack if there are enough people who match your preferences. If you are not seeing a Stack, it is suggested you expand age, distance, or other preferences to see more people which may open a missing Stack.

One recommendation we can make to increase your profile visibility on OkCupid when others are reviewing their matches in the different Stacks is, stay active. Use the service at least a couple of times a week. Like members, send messages, add photos, update your profile, and answer Match Questions, all will increase your visibility to others.