She desires to make love to Issei as well as have his pupils for example Xenovia in order to frequently strengthen Heaven’s forces

At first, Koneko disliked Issei on account of their lecherous head and you can antics, however, come to such as your just after watching exactly how the guy never offers up-and try happy to do just about anything for anyone. She reach features thoughts getting your inside the Volume 5 once he aided the woman beat this lady fear of  Senjutsu  because Issei told her he would stop the woman when the she ran uncontrollable. After that, she first started sitting nowhere more but towards the Issei’s lap, and you will first started seducing your as with any additional ladies in new harem. She will will get envious like the someone else in the event that various other girl is that have your or hugging him.

The lady love leftover expanding and you may growing up to it attained its climax in the Regularity 11 in which she ran for the mating 12 months and you will chose him while the the girl mate, however, was dropped by Kuroka. Later in the same volume, she recommended in order to Issei to get their bride, and therefore Issei welcomes according to the updates you to she grows bigger. She wants to become more than just a wife so you’re able to Issei because the she chose him to be this lady soulmate. The girl connection with him is quite big, but will have to hold off to grow far more because the her body was small and would be a risk so you can the woman to bear pupils up to now. Whenever Issei died, she cried also Ravel and you will was also happy to hear his spirit was alive.

Yuuto Kiba [ ]

Kiba ‘s the Knight of your own Gremory class in fact it is new self-declared best friend from Issei. Issei hated Kiba at first on account of your delivering all of the girls’ notice together with apperance, but Issei visited such as for example Kiba because a buddy. Both of them need to become strong to allow them to include new girls of your own Gremory category. Issei and you can Kiba have a very good relationship and tend to be prepared to protect one another of damage. When Issei died, Kiba believed despair and you can rage however, left they in. As he discovered Issei’s spirit is alive, he released his fury on  [ ]

Irina and you will Issei have been friends since the youth and reunited when you look at the Vol. step three, although Issei try amazed to see their given that since the children the guy imagine she is actually a son. Issei likes the woman a whole lot features lecherous opinion about their including the most other girls. She has had good crush with the Issei since they was indeed nothing but try distressed to see which he has been around since a demon and you will a good pervert but still nonetheless appreciated him. She likes Issei considerably but is having difficulty about harem as if she believes or does one thing crappy, she begins to “fall”. not, it is suggested she’s prepared to be seduced by Issei’s sake. Issei would like to provide the woman children as well and would like to manage the girl as other people.

Xenovia [ ]

Xenovia and Issei found within the Vol. step 3 and you can didn’t worry much having Issei. Issei first hated her due to the lady contacting Asia a beneficial witch and you can wanting to eliminate the girl, however, after Vol. step three, she apologizes significantly and you will gets a demon after learning from God’s passing. She upcoming establishes one to she desires to have good college students and you can chooses Issei are the girl companion. She actually is totally unaware so you can intimate situations because of their are increased regarding the Chapel, and you may attempts to have sex everywhere that have Issei, also supposed in terms of to take condoms to school therefore they may “practice”.

Later on, she increases good emotions getting your while the Issei protects this lady somewhat sometime, and that she’s fond of hence drops crazy about him. She does not get envious whenever female are about your, will every so often only letting it go, in the event whenever among the ladies attempts to have sex having him, she becomes jealous and you can attempts to need him away. Issei was prepared to protect her whenever the fresh new other female, and you can wants the point that of experiencing kids with her.