Session 12


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Reaching an Abundant State

This week is about having an Abundant Spirit, embodying complete freedom and liberation from all limitations, including emotional attachments, fears, and anxieties. This can be a moody week as we go from empty to full and everything in between, asking is our life half full or half empty?

Unshakeable Faith

Gate 55 embodies an unshakeable faith in the universe's abundance, strongly believing that there is enough for everyone, and radiates a sense of confidence and optimism. They are naturally drawn to experiences that evoke positive emotions and inspire creativity. On the other hand when in the Shadow Expression and when not expressed healthily, Gate 55 can manifest as fear of scarcity and lack. This can lead to clinging to possessions, relationships, or even negative emotions for security. Individuals might struggle with trusting the flow of life and become overly attached to specific outcomes. 

The ultimate goal is to discover freedom in love of self, accountability within, and higher consciousness with a deep connection to humanity.

Dive into passion and all the juiciness of life! Celebrate your abundance in your life. Celebrate your wins and identify your next shift. Where do you require more insight and focus as you continue living in your aligned state and spirit-filled abundance?

“In order to escape from prison, one must first understand that one is in prison” - Gurdjieffstated

Just as understanding one's imprisonment precedes liberation, embracing emotional awareness precedes the manifestation of an abundant spirit. This quote serves as a poignant reminder that self-awareness is the first step toward unlocking the boundless potential of Gate 55 and experiencing true emotional freedom and abundance.

Some of the questions you'll ponder:

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    What am I moody about?   

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    Where am I selfishly following my spirit? 

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    Do I end relationships/jobs that aren't healthy?

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    Do I have healthy balance?   


Outcomes for Session 12 : Accountability 

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Your outcomes by the end of the week:



Are you making assumptions that cause moodiness?



What fullfills you? 



Clearly know what energy is yours and what isn't.

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