Session 17


Peeling back the layers


This week, we embark on a journey through Gate 25, the Gate of the Spirit of the Self or the Shaman's Gate. It's a time to explore the potent energy of innocence and unlock the power of universal love within ourselves.

Unveiling Innocence: A Week of Experiencing Universal Love

Imagine a world where love isn't a competition, where appreciation extends to every living thing, from the majestic oak to the tiny ant crawling beneath it. This is the essence of Gate 25. However, this innocent perspective faces a challenge: can it remain pure in a world driven by competition?

This week, we'll explore this tension.  Notice how competitiveness manifests in your daily life.  Is it at work, in your social circle, or even in your internal dialogue?  Can you cultivate a sense of appreciation for others' successes, even if it means stepping back from the competitive edge? Would you prefer to experience a week of acceptance and the love of life?

6 Outcomes of Living a Life of Acceptance, Surrender, and in Love with ALL Things

Inner Peace and Contentment:

Embracing acceptance and surrender fosters a deep sense of inner peace and contentment, allowing individuals to find serenity amidst life's challenges and uncertainties.

Increased Resilience:

Living in love with all things cultivates resilience, enabling individuals to navigate adversity with grace and fortitude. Acceptance and surrender become powerful tools in overcoming obstacles and bouncing back from setbacks.

Heightened Compassion and Empathy:

Love for all beings naturally leads to greater compassion and empathy. When individuals accept and surrender to the interconnectedness of all life, they develop a profound understanding of others' experiences and perspectives.

Enhanced Relationships:

Approaching life with acceptance, surrender, and love fosters deeper, more authentic connections with others. By embodying Christ-like love, individuals cultivate relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and support.

Freedom from Judgment and Conflict:

Embracing acceptance and surrender liberates individuals from the shackles of judgment and conflict. When one views the world through the lens of love, there is no room for resentment, animosity, or divisiveness.

Spiritual Fulfillment and Alignment:

Living in alignment with the principles of acceptance, surrender, and love brings a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment. Individuals feel connected to something greater than themselves, experiencing a deep sense of purpose and belonging in the universe.

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Universal love, as explored in Gate 25, transcends personal biases and prejudices, reaching out to embrace all beings with compassion and understanding. King's words remind us that love possesses the transformative power to dissolve animosity and foster unity.

Some of the questions you'll ponder:

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    What does love mean?   

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    How do I show acceptance of others? 

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    Do I surrender to the flow of life?

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    Do I have constriction in my life?   


Outcomes for Session 17 : Accepting Life

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Your outcomes by the end of the week:



Do I live in acceptance?



What areas of my life do I love? 



Clearly know what areas of life I can change.

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