Session 19


The Dynamics of Control, Responsibility, and Leadership

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Understanding The Power of Control for Service

Forget the image of a tyrannical ruler! Gate 21, the Biting Through gate in Human Design, is a different breed of control. It's about leadership fuelled by a burning desire to see the pack (or team, community, you name it) thrive.

At its core, Gate 21 embodies a powerful Ego, designed to be a controlling force. However, this control isn't about dominance for its sake but rather serves the community's needs. It ensures the viability of systems, the provision of necessities, and the establishment of reward structures. In essence, Gate 21 operates on the channel of Materialism, seeking to maintain order and functionality in society.

Think of a master strategist leading the hunt, not just to secure the kill, but to ensure everyone eats well. That's Gate 21 in action. They're the natural-born organizers, the ones with a keen eye for the bigger picture. By taking the reins, they create a safe space for others to flourish. With basic needs met, the community can unleash its creativity and innovation – all thanks to the steady hand of Gate 21.

Key Themes:

  • - Justified and necessary use of power
  • - Overcoming deliberate interference
    - Establishing proper response strategies
    - Seeking respect without emotional bias
    - Nurturing inner order amidst chaos

How It Might Play Out:

In Relationships: You may find yourself asserting control or feeling a need for order within your relationships. Strive for balanced leadership, respecting boundaries while nurturing mutual growth.

In Career: Gate 21's energy can inspire strategic thinking and assertiveness in your career pursuits. Embrace your ability to lead and influence, but remember to seek respect through fair and impartial actions.

In Family Dynamics: Navigating family dynamics may require a delicate balance of authority and understanding, whether as a parent or a sibling. Recognize the importance of setting boundaries while fostering open communication and mutual respect.

In Work Endeavors: As you tackle projects and collaborations, embrace your inner strategist. Use your power to establish effective control mechanisms, but remain open to adaptation and learning from setbacks.

In this lesson, we'll explore how the energy of control affects our relationships, careers, and family dynamics.


"There is no limit to what can be accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit." - John D. Rockefeller

True Gate 21 leadership is not about ego or personal gain. It's about serving the greater good and ensuring the success of the collective effort, even if it means others receive the recognition.

Some of the questions you'll ponder:

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    Do I struggle with trusting others to take responsibility?   

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    Do I feel a natural urge to take charge? 

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    Am I communicating my need for control in a healthy way?

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    What does valour mean to me?   


Outcomes for Session 19 : Illusions of Control

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Your outcomes by the end of the week:



Am I aware of the depths I go to when trying to maintain control?



Am I listening to and trusting my Inner Authority? 



Clearly know when I am being a dictator.

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