Session 21


Moving Forward


Feeling Stuck? Unlock Your Growth Potential!

Is your life stuck on repeat? Do you ever feel like Walter Mitty, lost in daydreams but stuck in a cubicle? What if you could unlock your full potential and start living a life of adventure and growth?

This session and energy is all about completing cycles and embracing new beginnings – just like Walter Mitty finally stepping out of his comfort zone or Liz Gilbert embarking on her soul-searching journey in Eat Pray Love!

Here's what you'll get in this session:

  1. Discover Gate 42's secrets. Learn how to harness its energy to break free from stagnation and propel yourself towards growth.
  2. Unleash your inner adventurer: Get inspired by Walter Mitty's epic journey and discover how to turn your daydreams into reality. ️
  3. Let go and embrace change: Learn from Liz Gilbert's journey of self-discovery and unlock the power of completing cycles to open yourself to new possibilities. 🇮🇹🇮🇳🇮🇩
This week is the perfect opportunity to:
  1. Shake things up and get unstuck.
  2. Learn practical tools to fuel your growth.
  3. Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey.

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it's letting go." - Hermann Hesse

This quote highlights the strength that comes from acknowledging when it's time to let go of something that may be holding you back from growth and new experiences.

Some of the questions you'll ponder:

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    What areas of my life feel stagnant or incomplete?   

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    What fears or insecurities am I holding onto? 

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    What new experiences can I embrace by completing cycles in my life?

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    How can I cultivate a deeper sense of trust in myself and in the universe?   


Outcomes for Session 21 : Learning to live in Detachment

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Your outcomes by the end of the week:



Am I aware of when a cycle is ending?



Do I adapt easily and accept outcomes? 



Clearly know what to let go of.

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