Session 1

Values in Motion


Aligning With Your True Values

This lesson begins our Journey of Conscious Alignment as we discover and align with our true values and behavior.

The goal is to be honest with yourself and align with your true values.

In this lesson, you'll take an honest look at the values flavoring your behavior through a powerful exercise requiring you to choose between "should've/would've" and actual actions in your default state.

If you want to understand a person's behavior, you must understand his or her values. 

Behaviors are the practical application of your values – translating them into day-to-day actions. 

Some of the questions you'll ponder:

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    Do your circumstances determine your behavior? 

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    Are your values yours or did you inherit them? 

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    Does your behavior align with your values?


Outcomes for Session 1 : Values in Motion

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Your outcomes by the end of the week:



Clarity of your core values.



Your actions align with your core values.



A foundation for conscious living.

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