Session 10


Rebirth of Freedom

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Invaluable Support of Tribal Community in Navigating Change

In the tale of William Wallace (Braveheart), we witness the embodiment of Gate 49's energy—a relentless pursuit of principles and a fervent commitment to freedom. While Wallace yearned for tranquility, he recognized that peace would not be attained by acquiescing to less than what his people deserved. His resolute leadership ignited a flame of courage within his fellow Scotsmen, compelling them to rise up for their liberty.

At the heart of our exploration lies Gate 49, a potent force that drives us towards revolutionizing humanity and establishing new principles. Richard Rudd describes it as a cutting-through awareness, guiding us to discern what we truly need and what no longer serves us. 

As we journey through life, principles serve as guiding lights, shaping our decisions and actions. However, true growth often requires us to challenge and evolve these principles, embracing change with open hearts and minds. By harnessing the transformative energy of Gate 49 and leaning on the support of our tribal community, we can navigate the complexities of adaptation and emerge stronger, wiser, and more aligned with our true purpose. Let's embrace change as a catalyst for growth and transformation, knowing that we can achieve extraordinary feats together.

"Individually, we are a weak flame, but together we are a mighty wildfire." - Abdul Kalam

This quote perfectly captures the essence of Gate 49's emphasis on community support for transformative principles. While individual awareness and drive are crucial, lasting change and revolution rarely happen in isolation.

Some of the questions you'll ponder:

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    What do I stand for?   

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    What no longer serves me? 

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    What community do I support?

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    What are my principles?   


Outcomes for Session 10 : Revolution to Rebirth

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Your outcomes by the end of the week:



The courage to follow your heart.



What are you supporting? 



Clearly know what is worth rejecting.

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